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Claudia F.

This is my neighborhood sushi place and I come here all the time.  This is an all you can eat experience and they are very generous with their offering and their portions.  It's per person for the all you can eat and it even includes a beer.  Beer is between -4, it is a great deal.The sushi is good, do not expect this will be the best sushi you have had in your life, but expect that you will have good food and you will leave happy with your experience.  The people are also very friendly and it is next door to my favorite movie theater which makes it super convenient.


Im J.

This has been my go-to sushi place, combining quality sushi and an AYCE option. I've turned many people onto Kiku and have never been let down.My friends, we may be at the beginning of the end. Walking up, they had two big banners proclaiming GRAND OPENING and UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Ok, but was there a new owner? New management doesn't usually get a Grand Opening declaration, and it made me wonder what was wrong with the old management. Nevertheless, my date and I sat at the bar, hungry. First, the promo of getting a glass of beer with sushi was gone. You could still get soda or tea, but beer was gone. That wasn't a huge loss, as beer wasn't the reason I'd go here. I THINK the AYCE price went up by a dollar, but again, what hasn't gone up in price lately?Ordered veggie tempura from the kitchen. We ordered various nigiri and cut rolls, and they started to arrive. The first thing I noticed? The fish on the nigiri was sliced MUCH thinner than before. The rice ball size hadn't changed, but the fish was nearly as thin as the sushi on a cruise ship buffet. I'm talking THIN! I ordered spicy scallop cut rolls, and it was just the usual scallop roll with a squirt of Sriracha on top. No spice sauce mixed with the scallops. We ordered a Spider cut roll.  You know how the end pieces of a spider cut roll have the claws and legs sticking out some? Nope, not this one. All sushi roll pieces were perfectly smooth. We're they saving those to use in the next roll, and cut costs? Maybe. The teriyaki chicken from the kitchen was good, but sitting in a pool of teriyaki sauce. It was a bit much. Oh, and the veggie tempura took about 25 minutes to come out, which considering the sushi was coming up fast, was an eternity. Now don't get me wrong-- the staff was friendly, and the food was tasty. But in an area where we have plenty of choices to eat at, INCLUDING AYCE sushi, it was a disappointment. When I asked whether it was a change of ownership, I was told no-- that the owner is just concentrating on his other restaurants, so he brought in a manager. Ok...but I think this new manager is trying to be a bit overzealous in proving his value by saving money. I may be back, but I will be trying some oh those other choices first.


CeeJay B.

Went for dinner. Upon entry no greeting or acknowledgement. Signed in with the clipboard and sat down to wait for someone to call us to a table. There was another couple head of us also waiting for a table. Practically the whole place was empty except for party of 2 and anther party of 4 already eating. 10 minutes pass and still nothing. Noticed at the sushi bar two employees just standing around and talking to each other. They just stared at us and continued to have a personal conversation. Ended up just leaving. Would never go back.


Kathleen C.

A night of succulent sushi! For .55 each we got the all you can eat. This includes either beer, sake or a soft drink. We got a icy cold Sapporo and man did it go well with the fish!  Be sure to sit at the bar - it's a great experience.The oysters were so fresh - tasted like the breezy ocean. The tempura shrimp and calamari hot and crispy. We chose a variety of raw and baked selections. Also available is cooked items like miso soup, potstickers, Katsu chicken and more but we are so into fish we skipped all that!  A must try is the Cajun tuna. It's got a Smokey taste with a touch of sesame - oh yah! Not my first time here and will definitely be back.


Michelle U.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT...I've been coming here for about 3 years now and this was the first time I was ever let down.I feel like this place lost some of its quality, elegance, and uniqueness. Firstly, there are WAY too many flyers advertising beer all around the restaurant, inside and outside of the restaurant. They play music videos off of YouTube on a huge screen... so tacky..Secondly, the All You Can Eat deal has changed. The prices is lower than before but it only includes a soft drink, no longer a beer. Sapporo was my go to, and now I have to pay an additional for it.Lastly, service was so terrible... I'm pretty sure our server Leslie was new. She took a very long time bringing our drinks, getting our refills, or simply forget we asked her for things. She didn't know the menu very well, and we didn't get all of the sushi we ordered. When it was time to pay, we split the check on 2 cards and she charged it all on 1 card... we asked for a copy of the receipt to ensure we get partial refund and she flat out said "I don't know how to do that."Let down.. especially because I've recommended this restaurant to so many of my friends



This is probably one of my favorite sushi places in the area! The food is great and everyone there is so sweet. .95 for all you can eat with a soft drink is pretty sweet deal. Washington Roll is delicious also recommend Lobster roll . Lastly you MUST have the banana tempura!! I've been there just to have desert  but it's so delicious. Definitely stop by an visit if you're in the area!!


Kathy V.

The worst customer service by new management. We were yelled at by lady and she  argued with us. Why? We ordered first round of sushi all you could eat and we did not like the sushi. We did not order second round and kindly asked to charge us for two sushi orders and drinks. The greedy new owner said no and we had to pay for all you could eat. I explained to her for 3rd time that we did not like the food and did not want to eat anything else. She handed me a receipt and scolded me for eating partial food. I had to raise my voice which I tried not to make scene but she did not back down. First and last time there. Greedy management with zero customer service. Horrible experience. Horrible food.


Gaby G.

They have the best non rice sushi options! The lettuce wraps are the best and the customer service is great !


Richard M.

Definitely the best sushi restaurant in Chino/Chino Hills.  Great service, fresh food and good specials.  My wife always goes for the teriyaki salmon and lunch special.  You get to choose 2 entres, miso soup, salad, gyoza and steamed rice. I prefer the assorted sashimi with an ice cold Kirin Ichiban.  Food is prepared timely, well-presented and reasonably priced.  Located near Harkins Theatres.


Tessa L.

I've been coming here for the last 2 years. Now I am never coming back here again! Service sucked and the sushi seemed different than before. I'll take my business to rumble fish instead. They have beers and saki bombs all day everyday. And their all you can eat is way better!


Alex S.

I've coming to this place for years and just recently it's under new management. They would play music over the speakers with a few TVs playing some sports. Now they have a huge screen playing YouTube music videos which just seems tacky. Now there's neon signs that light up announcing beer, so it looks like just another tacky bar instead of a small sushi restaurant. As far as the sushi, the rolls/portions have gotten smaller while they've raised the prices almost . While it doesn't seem like much for a roll, when you're buying several rolls it quickly adds up. If I'm gonna pay those prices I rather go to an actual restaurant that doesn't have the tacky neon signs. For those prices there are so many other sushi restaurants. I guess I'll just go find another place :/


Anaissa I.

I love this place. The food was good and a good price for all you can eat! The music and music videos created a fun atmosphere. Definitely coming back!


Keshia S.

Did not like. Sushi rolls were gross. Not worth +Service was extremely slow. Felt that we were being ignored. We may have even been able to leave without paying our bill, but we didn't. We waited and waited, until a server finally noticed us and gave us our bill.


Vann N.

I definitely prefer this location over the one in Corona. Awesome ayce menu!!! I love all of their special rolls without the rice. Lettuce wrap with tempura shrimp and spicy tuna and mango rolls are a few of my faves!!! Fresh delicious sushi as well


Sierra M.

Not enough staff. Customer service was initially slow. Soy sauce jars are very dirty, and their stands with the menus in them are dirty, and the menus aren't well kept; seem to be falling apart.  The calamari was super greasy and overcooked. It tasted like they used old oil. You can see this in the photos. On the other hand, the food comes out very fast and the food itself is fairly good & fish was fresh. They gave me extra pieces of sushi which made it very good for the price.


Laurie E.

We're part of a water polo club that's in the area for a tournament. We needed somewhere to go that would fit a large group (13). I called one hour ahead and made reservations - although they were busy - They accommodated us perfectly! The service was amazing! Friendly staff and manager! The food was superb!! And you can't beat their all you can eat sushi!! What an amazing little place!! Every roll and piece of sushi we had was delicious! Cant wait to come back again!!


Jennifer S.

The new woman owner is  unprofessional. Will take my money elsewhere. Gets way too close and charges beer full price when the sign says otherwise.


Tiffany L.

Came here to celebrate a friend's birthday and really enjoyed getting some all you can eat (AYCE) sushi! I am a fan and would love to come back here again if I'm ever in the area. Small restaurant that does not take reservations, so plan accordingly.PARKING: Located to the right of the movie theater. Plenty of parking in this large plaza.SERVICE: Wow, sneaky good service. Overall sushi dishes came out fast in my opinion and we had a large party. Low key sad I never got to try eel. I ordered one order for two rounds and they missed. It happens though I guess with a large party. AYCE SUSHI: Costs , which is about average for all you can eat. PERK of this is that it comes with a free drink-soft drink, sake, or beer. You rarely see that, so that was a nice surprise. I approve of the fish-rice ratio here, especially for their nigiri rolls. Some of my favorites were 911 roll, Yellowtail, Salmon, Baked Salmon roll, Chino Hills roll, Kiku roll, and LA Dodgers roll. Oysters were not bad as well. I wasn't a fan of the Caterpillar roll (not enough avocado) and spider roll (not as traditional as I'm used to).


Lovelin D.

Favorite sushi spot in town. Maiko and staff give such great hospitality. Chefs are fantastic. I'd choose this sushi spot over any other, any day.


Iris C.

Been coming here for years.  The sushi was ok, but the price was good for AYCE.  Came back today and saw that they raised the prices and the quality went way down... where's the fish?  Food comes out super fast like it's been sitting, fish isn't skinned correctly.  It's like they pre make the orders for AYCE.  This is my very last time coming here.. I don't see this place making it in this spot for long.  Not unless they change the quality.Don't even attempt to come here just because it's local.  Better off going somewhere else.

Kiku Sushi Restaurant Reviews
Kiku Sushi Restaurant Reviews

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